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Project Run and Play: Smooth Sorbet

Another collaboration with Project Run and Play. This time around it was harder for me to choose which patterns to sew.

My girls this time around picked out their fabrics for this Smooth Sorbet look book as they love the bright summery colors. We found some scraps that were able to be used up and some that Was bought but completely forgot about.

I will start off with Evelyn’s Look. We used the Bacca Bootcut Pattern, used the shorts option. She really loves wearing shorts when she’s at home. I had this orange stretch denim hidden in my stash and made them for her. She was shocked on how they fit, she said they were so comfortable. She even wore them to school the next day. I was scared about that cause I did not take final pictures yet.

Next, for her top I made the Parfait Polo. She was so excited that the fabric already came tie-dyed. She was excited for the bright and cheerful colors. Her favorite part of the top are the puff sleeves.

Now it’s Violet’s look, for the top I used the Fragola Pattern, she couldn’t make up her mind if she wanted the flutter sleeve, so I just decided not to add them and then she got mad at me for not adding them. I guess with her if it is a question always add the flutter sleeve! She fell in love with the Yellow eyelet that I made a dress for her for the last segment of Season 16

For the skirt, I used the Limone Lounge set, this girl just loves skirts and dresses. So, anytime there is a skirt option I know I have to make it for her. I had enough of this pink shirting left to make her skirt and she puts it on right after it gets out of the dryer.

We had a fun day of taking pictures that day. Plus they have clothes that they can play all summer in now.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at all the styles in the look book and hope you grabbed an inspiration or two.

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